Thank You ForDonating Today.

Join the Soulful 100×100 Zakat Campaign. We need 100 individuals to give $100 during the month of Ramadan. All money collected will be distributed to needy community members by Eid.

As we begin our broader work to serve the community we need your help to build a solid foundation for serving families in our target area. We have learned as we discuss the work of soulful Muslims with existing mosques in the DC metropolitan area that they give 1st to those families closest to them and those who live further away after, if there’s anything left. This is a valid opinion among Islamic Scholar is the charity begins with those nearest to you to those further from you. But this explains why many families in Prince George County and adjacent do not get the support that they need during the month of Ramadan and beyond. Therefore we are calling on you who live and work in this area to support the families of this community.

Ever wonder how we do what we do? You’re how. We need 1000 individuals to join our recurring donation drive. Give as little as $5 a month. Your recurring donation will fuel our Soulful Programs.

Zakat Al-Fitr
There are many needy families in the community that come to us during the month of Ramadan for support. Money is collected in many communities but our folks are often not recipients of the giving. Want your money to stay in our community? Pay here. $12 per person, per member of your household.

Need Help.